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We never stop dreaming. Even if most of our dreams never come true.. But when it does, it changes everything..

I dreamt. I dreamt of having MUKTI again and like the way I saw it in my first year..and it came true, only with a slight difference: it was better than what I saw in my first year!

A brief intro for all who have no idea what MUKTI is: MUKTI is the Annual National Level Technical Symposium on GNU/Linux and Free Software conducted by GNU/Linux Users’ Group, NIT Durgapur every year during the month of Feb. MUKTI’07 was my first experience where I contributed as a volunteer, and truly it was Mukti for us- the first years, from the world of ragging!

Then we got inducted into the committee, and worked for GLUG (it was just Linux Users’ Group then..) However, due to various reasons, MUKTI’08 could not be organized independently… we had to do it with our tech-fest Aarohan 2k8. Honestly, it was truly a bad experience altogether.. MUKTI began and ended without a trace.

So, this year having MUKTI organized separately was a near impossible thing. But all of a sudden, everything changed for good – IOTA happened. IOTA or Institute of Open Technology and Application, an organization built by the IT Dept, Govt of West Bengal in order to promote Open Source recognized our college as a nodal centre, and thus indirectly paving way for the revival of MUKTI!

And so, MUKTI was back…and that too for a week : 2nd-8th Feb’09! [We christened it as the “FOSS Week”] The inauguration ceremony was graced by Prof. Debesh Das, IT Minister of West Bengal. We made sure that our main focus was on workshops and talks rather than crowd-pulling events. As a result, the participation was less, but the impact was large.

But, for a few of us, MUKTI began months ago.. A National Symposium requires considerable amount of funding, planning and marketing. In spite of the global economic meltdown, we managed fair amount of sponsors. The workshops and events were well planned (which earned us praises from all over!). However, I gotta admit, the publicity and marketing was a bit disappointing… had we got time and manpower, we could have done better!

Coming back to the FOSS Week, it was thoroughly demanding, yet very enjoyable. One thing that deserves special mention is the enthusiasm that the first year volunteers showed during MUKTI. In every sense, it motivated the others to do better.

I don’t have much to say about the workshops or the events, because, honestly I don’t remember as such. However, what I remember is the collective effort that everyone put together in not only redeeming MUKTI to its rightful place but also to create a firm base on which we intend to flourish even more next year.

This blog remains incomplete without mentioning the people who truly made it possible – the final years: Mayank, Arjun, Debayan, Vaibhav, Sorabh, Adarsh, Rajat, Shreyank, Rahul Jha, Vignesh and Sandeep! [Note that the word “bhaiya” has been skipped deliberately in order to avoid repetition, and is no way related to the “No more bhaiya” funda! That is only for the first year girls :P]

Its been a month since the valedictory ceremony was followed by a thoroughly unplanned, emotionally draining chaos that we fondly call post-MUKTI party; but I am yet to get out of the hangover! I guess, there’s no mukti from this MUKTI!

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I have a weird connection with Kshitij – IIT Kharagpur’s techno-management fest. Last year it selected my Bplan for the final presentation round, only to get thrashed in front of IIM n XLRI profs! This time, it was Eureka – the Paper Presentation Contest.

No, getting selected is not the weird connection. Its about how crazy the journey and the stay there turns out to be!

So, on Jan29th, it was me, Amit n Anima going to Kshitij with the worst preparation we could think of. The journey till Kolkata was fine, except that we realised halfway that we didn’t the slides or any other material that would help us present our paper there. With no other way out, our only hope was the Wi-fi connection at the fest arena, wherefrom we could download stuffs.

So, anyways we reached Howrah and bought tickets to Kharagpur with train scheduled at 7:00. At 6:45 I had a sudden urge to eat vada pavs..and while we were standing at the old station enjoying the delicious thing, we realised just in time that we might get late and the train would be departing from the new station.So, we hurried across to our destination, although I was pretty sure that trains here start late. But..

It happened like this: We could see the train standing. Amit was ahead of us. Anima was lecturing me on something I can’t recollect right now, when Amit yelled something at us and ran. I looked up and then told Anima coolly, “Woh dekho, shayad apna train jaa rha hai.. “. It was the look on her face that made me realise the seriousness of the situation and then all we did was RUN! [I was carrying a bag and a laptop!]

The train accelerated and we ran faster. Amit had already got in. I was leading Anima, and shortly I realised that even if I made it, she might not… I was in a dilemma: whether to stop and help her get up first, or whether to get up and then give her a hand…

Well, finally I opted for the second choice, and I’m really glad that I did…everything worked out fine, only to experience the ultimate anti-climax: the train suddenly stopped after a minute!!!

The rest of our trip matched up to the bizzare beginning: two full night-outs at IIT Kgp classes [We didn’t take accomodation!] and then, experiencing a 3-D LASER show, which happened to create more memories a week later, and the equally engaging return journey!

Well, personally it was a trip that I would never be able to forget… not because of what happened during the course, but because of how I enjoyed every moment of it..

Ohh, about the paper presentation, we got thrashed again. We eventually managed to arrange the slides, and prepare them overnight at the classroom.. and then we exceeded the given time limit..and the jury was not quite impressed.. But anyways, as if I cared!


A piece of advice for KTJ organizers: If you are organizing the second largest tech-fest in Asia, and you decide to double the registration fee, you better give ALL participants the registration kit, irrespective of whether they have applied for accommodation or not!

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Kaay Ess™

Freedom…… In Computer Technology

December 29, 2008 - One Response


This weekend, I found myself in the Convention Center of Science City, Kolkata attending “Freedom In Computer Technology” organized by Institute of Open Technology and Applications (IOTA). It was supposed to be quite important for our college as IOTA along with IT Dept, Govt. of West Bengal has selected our college to be one the state’s FOSS Resource Center.

However, this was supposed to be important for our GLUG too for reasons to be disclosed later [:P] However, we were highly honoured by the presence of Richard M Stallman among us. He was there for all the 3 days enlightening us on his Free Software Movement.

GLUG NIT Durgapur Team, photo taken by AKD™

GLUG NIT Durgapur Team, photo taken by AKD™

Well, honestly, despite all these, things were looking quite boring for me. However, I had a perfect group of people who made things very enjoyable for me. There were 7 people from our college: Debayan Da, Shreyank Da, Mayank Bhaiya, Amit, Abhishek, Anima n me [and Koushik on Day 1]. I have very little idea about what happened in the tech-talks and guest-lectures [I was very near getting thrown out from the audi twice :P], but the amount of fun [with excess dose of PJs, inevitable when u have PJ Shrink wid u..] we had was the best thing for me.

However, on a serious note, things look pretty good for MUKTI’09 with Mr. Indranil Das Gupta of ILUG-Cal helping us communicate with other college LUGs/GLUGs in and around Kolkata. I really hope guys n gals from these colleges turn up in Durgapur during 6th-8th of Feb’09 to experience MUKTI’09.

MUKTI’09 Registration begins!

December 27, 2008 - One Response


Its year-end and in about 40 days, our college would host MUKTI’09 – Annual National Level Technical Symposium on GNU/Linux and Free Software.
So, if you plan to participate in the symposium by coming down to NIT Durgapur or remotely [there would be online events on C/C++ coding, Stock Market Simulation & Art work], then please register here.

For more information please visit

MUKTI’09 is here!

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Hi all,

Well this is the MUKTI’09Promo Video. Watch out for the next video with the Official MUKTI’09 song!

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